Tickets for Relight The Night are $15 on the day of the show.
(Over 21 with ID only)

Though the re-lighting ceremony will take place outside under the torches with a pyrotechnic performance by Flam Chen and The Disillusionists and music from Thee Swank Bastards and Shrimp Chaperone, The Tikiyaki Orchestra will be performing 2 sets INSIDE the Kon Tiki.

The first set will be a dinner set starting around 8:00. For those of you who've never been to the Kon Tiki, make your dinner reservations now...this will be a really great, intimate setting...
Dinner, cocktails, exotica..what more could you ask for ?

Because seating is limited and we'd like to minimize disturbances during the show, we've had to come up with a few little rules:

We'll be taking reservations from 6 'til 7.30

We will hold your table for 15 minutes after your reservation. Please don't be late!

Everyone at your table must order dinner.

Seating is limited and dinner reservations are strongly recommended.


For an idea of the seating layout here's a handy diagram.

The second set will be after the last band performance outside, probably around 11:00 or so.
The later set should prove to be a blast, as I'm sure everyone will be lit up like those torches, and we'll do our best to stir up the Kon Tiki Ghost, with lots of bongo beatdowns in true Tikiyaki style.
For this second set, no reservations are required.

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